FAQs Regarding Permanent Residence Visa

Important Questions regarding Immigration

Q:        Why are the required photographs of such a particular size?

A:        The photographs which you will submit will be attached to your permanent resident card. Ideally, this card will be plastic and the size of a bank credit card. Larger size photographs cannot be displayed on the card and smaller size photographs become unrecognizable.

Q:        How many detailed addresses should be put on the form?

A:        After reaching the age of 18 years, any place where you might have stayed for more than 6 months, it should be listed. You will have to write complete addresses as required. You can make use of a separate sheet as well.

Q:        Do I need to hire a consultant or an agent to acquire the visa?

A:        No! It is not mandatory for you to hire a consultant or any agent for this purpose; on the contrary, you can do this personally if you think you need guidance or help.

Q:        I am a Pakistani citizen and currently employed in Dubai. Is it possible that I should apply for the Canadian immigration from Islamabad, but take up the interview in Dubai?

A:        You can apply from Islamabad, however, you will be interviewed in the country from where you applied. If you have been living in Dubai for at least a year, then you can apply at the Canadian High Commission in Dubai, so the interview can also be held there.

Q:        Should I bring my wife and children to the interview?

A:        Children under the age of 18 years are not needed to appear for the interview. Any family member, person or children over the age of 18 years are needed to appear for the interview.

Q:        I am pregnant and during pregnancy cannot have an x-ray. Can I be exempted from this medical test requirement?

A:        No! Every applicant is required to undergo the medical tests. In the event of being pregnant, you should consult with your doctor if you can have an x-ray under protection. If it is possible you will have to do it. But in the instance that this is not possible you will have to wait till the birth of your child, after which you along with the entire family and the newborn will have an x-ray. For this purpose you will have to dispatch an attested copy of the newborn child’s birth certificate (with translation), 2 passport size photographs along with the fee to the embassy. The embassy will then issue a medical form for the child.

Q:        After being issued a permanent residence visa, a week ago, my wife gave birth to our child. Can we take the newborn child along?

A:        No member of your family can go to Canada without a visa and medical test, even a newborn child. You will have to apply a separate visa for the child. Once you have acquired the permanent residence visa followed by some significant change; like the birth of a new child, adoption or divorce; you will have to notify the Canadian embassy within 15 days. The embassy will guide you further on the required proceedings.

Q:        I have gotten married after submitting the application for immigration. How can I now include my wife in the proceedings?

A:        Immediately intimate the embassy of this development either through fax or mail. Dispatch a completely filled out form, fee and photographs of your wife. The visa section will require a Nikah nama/marriage certificate and your wife’s birth certificate, its attested copies with translation and police report from any place where your wife might have been stationed for more than 6 six months. She will have to clear the medical test. You should keep this in mind that if you do not inform the embassy regarding the change in your marital status, this could lead to your permanent residence visa being rejected.

Q:        I have a large family but not all my children are not migrating to Canada. Do I still need to enter the details of all my children or should I just provide the details of the children who will be going with me?

A:        There are two different kinds of forms in which you have to enter the details regarding your children. You need to enter the details of all your children in the supplement form. While the application will require information pertaining to dependent children only who will be issued the visa.

Q:        I am calculating my points for the skilled worker category. How do I calculate my educational points?

A:        If you are not a matriculate then you will get zero marks. If you have ten years’ worth of secondary education, then you are eligible for 5 points. You will be entitled to 12 points if you cleared the intermediate exam as a full time student after 12 years of education. Being a graduate earns you 15 points while a master’s degree gives you 20 points. Having a doctorate gives a full score of 25 points.

Q:        I have acquired the permanent residence visa; but in order to settle some family matters I wish to stay in Pakistan a while longer. Can the duration of my visa be extended?

A:        No! The time and duration cannot be extended for the permanent residence visa. You will have to go to Canada at least once during this time. You can return after you have acquired the permanent residence card. If your visa expires, you and your family will have to go through the entire immigration process again.

Q:        Can I enter into Canada before my family?

A:        Being a principal applicant, you can travel before the rest of your family or your dependents. On the contrary the dependents cannot enter before you. They can travel you or after you, but not before. If under any circumstance your visa expires, they will also be affected.

Q:        I have acquired the visa and I am leaving for Canada to live as a permanent resident. What preparations do I need to make?

Q:        In light of factual and truthful information you will need to prepare for taking up residence and finding employment in Canada. If you already have family and friends in Canada then this can all be planned out simply by consulting them and asking for their guidance. You will need to know which locality suits you best. As you will need to find a place to live where you can easily find employment and not have problems regarding your children’s schooling. If you wish to live in a locality which is more apt to your culture than for information in this regard you can visit:

Q:        While the application for permanent residence visa is under process, can the principal applicant be changed?

A:        No! Once the application has been submitted, this is not possible. If your wife wishes to become the principal applicant then you will need to apply anew, with visa fee.

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  1. My wife is canadian PR and she has given the birth to a girl in canada.and she has also sponser me in spouse category.before our child birth.so now we want to give the infirmation to candaian ambassy.my file reached at canadian ambassy delhi indian.so please tell me how can I send the information to canadian ambassy.what are the requirments they need.


  3. Hi sir,
    i want to apply as permanent resident to canada with my family, kindly tell me the procedure that how to apply and what documents required.

    with best Regards
    Muhmmad SadiQ

  4. Sir,

    I am living in Islamabad and I want to apply for canadian immigration with my family through Express Entry. How I start it? Where I can contact or any website for any guidance? Kindly tell me the complete process and procedure step by step that how to apply and what about the initial documents and expense required? Me & my wife already done IELTS.
    Waiting for your kind reply…

    Kind Regards,

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