Complete Information About Canada Tourist/Visit Visa

Visit Visa

To visit Canada for travel and tourism, the visit visa is issued. The duration for visit visa is six months or less. For this purpose it is considered necessary that you should be financially well established but also have sufficient funds to bear the expenses for the trip. To determine your financial stability you will have to provide documented proof in the form of a bank statement and property ownership papers. If you have a Canadian citizen sponsoring you for the trip then you will not need to attach a heavy statement and property papers. For the visit you should have immaculate health as the visa officer can request medical exam during the process. The eligibility criteria for Canadian visit visa also includes that you should be a man of character and have no criminal case or criminal record, for which a police report will be required. For Canadian visit visa it is better if you get a Canadian citizen or company to sponsor you; under this circumstance usually the visa is issued without any interview. You will also need to attach copies of hotel booking in Canada and your return ticket.

Remember that while judging the applicant with regards to the required criterion, the most important thing for any visa officer is that the applicant should come back to Pakistan after the visit; in the allotted visa time. In this regard if you attach credible and weighty documentation with the visa application, then you might be issued a visa without any need for an interview. The documents should prove that you have a strong social and financial relation to Pakistan. Your family, business, property and land ownership tend to be a proof of this. When it comes to family relationships; wife and children are given more importance and credibility. If you are married then this will be considered a plus point for a visit visa. Attach a copy of your marriage certificate with the visa application. If you have children the bond and marriage will be considered even stronger; attach copies of their birth certificates. If you are a business man then you should attach documents such as your authority with the business organization, membership of the chamber of commerce and copies of national tax certificate.

After the visa application submission

If your application kit is complete and fulfills the required criteria, then a maximum of within two months the application is either rejected or accepted, either way the case isn’t drugged. The visa officer will inform you, if during this time the need arises for any further documentation, attestation or medical tests. In case your application being accepted into your passport stamped with the visa sticker will be dispatched back to FedEx. In case of being rejected the passport will be dispatched along with the refusal letter. During this time period if the visa officer decides to establish your eligibility further through an interview; you will be made aware of the time and date of the interview.

Visa Interview

For visa interview the applicant is called for the Canadian High Commission in Islamabad. Remember to take your interview letter along, otherwise you will not be permitted to enter the High Commission. During the interview the visa officer will ask you questions regarding issues which need an explanation. Reply with answers only which are the fact and which you have stated in the application form. There is no need to worry in the event of being called for an interview; as the majority of applicants called for a visa interview are issued a visa none the less.

After Arrival at the Canadian Airport

After arriving at the Canadian airport the Canadian Border Services Agency official will request your passport and other travel documents. During travel keep all these documents close at hand and ensure that they are not packed with the rest of the luggage. After viewing your travel documents and passport the CBSA official will cross question you. He will do this in an effort to establish whether you will leave after completing your visit or not. Satisfactorily answering his questions will result in gaining entry into Canada. If you are travelling with family like a wife and children, then carry documents which prove your relationship with them. The CBSA officer can request those documents as well. After the interview the officer will stamp your passport with the permission to enter and also fix the duration of your stay.

Extension in Visit Visa

After reaching Canada you have your visit visa extended. For this you will have to apply while in Canada. While filling the form you will have to provide a valid reason for extension in stay duration and provide relevant documentation in this regard. You may also request a change in status. Like you may go to Canada as a visitor, but after arriving there you might wish to take admission in a short course. For this your status will have to be changed. Although the course duration has to be less than six months and you have to apply one month prior to the expiration of your previous visa.

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