Qatari citizenship

How many Qatari’s citizenship given to Pakistanis? Great news for the Pakistanis

Qatar is one of the leading country in Arab countries. Despite the worsening relations with the Arab countries, Qatar continued to take important steps. Qatar’s most important decision has been taken in the new steps of the government.

According to the details, Qatar has passed the law of permanent citizenship for foreigners who are working in Qatar. Qatar is the first country in the region of the Gulf, which has passed such law. The cabinet of Qatar has also approved a bill for some foreigners to issue permanent consolidation cards.

Under this law, the foreigners who meet the terms will get rights like Qatari citizens. Such foreigners and their children who will receive Qatar’s citizenship will get health and education facilities. Those foreigners who receive permanent residence status will also get the benefit from the welfare system. According to the information provided, the permanent citizenship card will be issued to those foreigners.

There are a large number of opportunities available in Qatar for Pakistani people. Many Pakistani people are already working in Qatar and satisfied. Now it is a good opportunity to get the Qatari citizenship and get all the benefits like Qatari citizens.

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