Canada Business Visa And Required Documents

Business Visitor

Persons travelling to Canada for business purposes are called business visitors. Their tour may be for the purpose of signing a deal with any Canadian company, participation in a business exhibition or to evaluate a prospect business market. There is no specific form for this purpose, rather the application is submitted on the visitor form.

Required Documents

Following are the general documents required for business Visa:

  • Complete all the  forms with all the necessary information. Do not leave out blank spaces. For information which is not relevant to you, write N/A next to it.
  • Only scribble the information in the form for which you possess documented proof. In case of submitting incomplete or false information; there can be a delay in issuing the visa; or simply your application could either be returned or rejected.
  • Your wife and children under the age of 18 years can apply on the same form as you. Although you will have to provide a marriage certificate and attested copies of your children’s birth certificates (with translation) with the visa form.
  • All applicants must attach two passport size photographs (as per required standards).
  • Submit the visa fee in Pakistani currency at the FedEx office. Claim the receipt and attach it to the visa form. Bear in mind that this visa is non-refundable no matter the outcome of the application.
  • Also include in the application kit a passport which still has a validity period of more than six months.
  • The documents to be attached with the visa form are based on the category of the visa applied for. A description of these documents has been provided based on the relevant category.
  • Submit all the above mentioned documents in the form of a visa kit at the FedEx office.

Along with these documents the following documents need to be attached when applying for a business visitor visa.


  • Letter of invitation from any Canadian company.
  • Details of mutual communication and contact.
  • Details regarding your own business (registration of your organization, yearly balance sheet, tax return papers and membership of the chamber of commerce).

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