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The Best Job interview preparation and Questions

Usually for the purpose of job you have to pass through the interview stage. Which plays an important role in the determination of your future job. Mostly people looks worried about the interview, but you don’t need to be worried in this article “Job Interview tips and Questions” we will discuss all the job interview tips and questions in Urdu and English. Let’s start:

It is generally believed that this is an informal session of questions and answers in which you can get the job by the correct answers. Which is surely not true. The interview is a source of direct interaction with the employer. In which, along with your expertise in the relevant field, your personality, intelligence, trends, preferences and abilities are evaluated. In this brief meeting express your abilities in good way. You should try to impress the interviewer. The interviewer should not so late in arriving at the conclusion that you are the most appropriate and best candidate for the related job.

Now the main question can arise in every person’s mind who is going for interview that what are the interview tips and questions OR how the successful interview is possible? Obviously the interview requires the proper preparation, but you should not take the interview process lightly. Your future depends on it.

By some steps through which the opportunities of employment can be increased. The anxiety is not surprising before the interview. It is a natural thing and it also shows that you are serious about getting the job.

Before the interview research about the company to gain the information. Research about the recent events related to the company or industry, the company’s objectives and its history. You should know that what the employer wants and how you present yourself during the interview. Get the more and more information about the company before the interview. Try to know about the few key issues facing the company or sector and suggest the best initiatives to solve them and describe on the proper occasion in the interview.

A few questions can help you in this research:

What does the institution, it means that What kind of that organization is?

What are the needed stuff for the position for which you have applied?

What qualifications are required for this position?

What qualities the employer is looking for?

Who are the users of the institute?

What is the employer’s reputation?

Keep the extra copies of your data and references for the interview.

Preparing for the interview questions:

The best way to prepare for the interview questions is that you guess what kind of interview questions can be ask during the interview. In this way you will be able to give the answers of the questions in a precise way. The key points of the answers explain clearly. You should answer the routine questions apart from routine and try to impress him. Avoid from flattery and the unreasonable conversation during the interview.

A few key interview questions:

Why do you want this job?

Why you are interested in this field?

What are your strong and weak point?

On Which position you want to see yourself In the next five years?

In addition, the few questions which are asked in almost every interview:

Tell us something about yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses. Why we select you for this job from other candidates and tell us about the most important achievement mention in CV.

In spite of this, barely five percent people are going to prepare these questions. Each time keep in mind at least 30 second answer of these questions.

During the preparation time of interview keep in mind the previous job and the experience gained during the school or volunteer work. Tell about some of your examples due to which your skills come in-front. For example, you have a good decision or communication skills. List your achievements.

Difficulties in the past and how you deal with them and what lessons you learned?

In spite of this basic preparation, keep in mind the few things to go for interview.

Suitable Dress: Choose the professional dress for the interview. Avoid from the common routine dress for interview.

Punctuality: Be sure to arrive early from the given time and arrive late for the interview is a very negative impression.

Self-confidence: The self-confidence is necessary thing, but excessive self-confidence is not good thing.

Body Language: When you are preparing for the interview rather than just prepare the answers of the questions give attention to your body language. Do the regular practice of the body language before going for interview.

Professionalism: Talk in Professional style, smile on your face and friendly attitude. Switch off your mobile phone before entering the room.

Listen Carefully: Listen carefully to the interviewer and try to understand that what he is asking.

Speak wisely: Reply wisely, Do not speak needlessly.

Interest: Show your interest in the interview process and do not show disgust at any stage.If you get the chance then you can ask about the nature of your work or you can ask the question about the responsibilities.

At the end of the interview do not stop unnecessarily in the room, but go after the greeting.

After the interview:

After the interview personally guess that How was the interview? Write the answers of the given questions and consider whether it was the best answer to this question or it need more improvement. In this way you will learn from your mistakes and you will have the opportunity to improve your performance in the future. Usually the companies give a date when they decide that you are hiring or not for the job.

If the date was not announced then contact with the institution for follow up. If you were not chosen for the job, then don’t be disappointed. Take the feedback about the interview that How was the interview and what could be improved further. Don’t be disappointed that you did not get the job but like any other skill you need the practice to gain the full access .

The Job Interview tips and questions in Urdu

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