Popular international universities on google search

Ranking of Most Popular international Universities:

The world popular search engine Google, publish the raking of the most popular international universities on Google search. Google ranked these universities from around the world which are mostly looking for online information (search) on the Google.

According to the search engine in term of online search, the University of Phoenix got the first ranked due to the popularity of the online courses and after that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is popular on online search.

Although in the list of popular university ranking American and British educational institutions gain lead. But the result of the online university ranking is different from the traditional in which as compared to the UK’s oldest universities, distance learning “open university” got the third rank in the list of popular online universities.

It has also been revealed in the result that Indian two universities are also included in the list of top 10 most popular universities on Google search. The Kerala’s “Calicut University” India got the fourth rank in popular universities and Chennai’s “Anna University” have found ranked sixth in terms of popularity on the search engine.

According to the international search result, 40% people around the world used Google search to obtain the information about British universities. While Google says that, the most of the information on Google search is sought for online courses or distance learning instead of traditional campuses. That is why the “University College London” and the “London School of Economics” due to online popularity got ranked eight and eleventh in the list of most popular universities on Google.

While the UK’s best higher education institutions are far behind in terms of popularity on search engine, the “University of Oxford” and the “University of Cambridge” respectively ranked thirteen and sixteen in this list.

According to the popularity on Google search, the others American universities the University of California, Stanford, Columbia University, New York University, University of Florida, Liberty University and the University of Michigan are included in this list.

In the list of top 20 online popular universities, the Indian’s five more universities are included in this list in which “Mumbai University” has been ranked eleventh in term of popularity and the “University of Rajasthan” and “Annamalai University” respectively ranked eighteen and twentieth in the list.

Google’s analysts team said that internet has become the major source for the prospective students to reach the universities.


Popular international universities on google search


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