How to make brain sharp

Ten best ways to sharp your mind in every age:

Our brain’s memory started to fall with the passage of time/age. We started to forget the things and solve the mystery is not easy as before. Although it is not possible to show the back path to the aging process. But we can surely fit our mind according to our every age. According to a recent survey by the International Federation for Aging, mostly peoples are unaware of this fact that “How to make brain sharp”. If you have the same problem, then these few simple brain exercises will be greatly helpful. Let’s take a look to the top ten ways to “How to make brain sharp in Urdu and English”.

Play Brain Games:

Yes, If you are eager to solve the crosswords or other daily newspaper puzzles so this practice is beneficial for your brain. Basic math and spelling skills, practicing exercise games mean that you are giving your brain the more challenges and it is helpful to keep the brain sharp.


Physical exercises can actually prove beneficial for the brain. The daily 30 minutes to one hour exercises such as yoga, walking, cycling, swimming and other etc are very easy and entertaining. Due to which the brain got the help to adapt the weather in the summer season.

Healthy food:

The use of healthy food ingredients is the guarantee of a healthy brain. The unhealthy food ingredients like caffeine, smoking and alcohol should not be use limited. Avoid eating the too much salt because it causes many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and paralysis etc.

Stay Socially Active:

Spend a few minutes throughout the day to discuss any topic with your friends. Mingle with your friends and relatives would help to keep the mind alert.

Try to learn something new every day:

It could also be anything, like trying to learn to read a new cooking recipe or to learn a new word or go to your office from new path. Try to do something new from your normal routine because it causes of new thrill in your brain.

Learning a new language:

It is proved in research reports that the knowledge of more than one languages causes of healthy mind in the old age. And with this it provides help to the brain to cope with difficult situations.

Talking to the Doctor:

If your age is above the 55 years, then go to your doctor for your brain health check up because oftenly the mental illness begins after the age of 55 years.


To read from books to blogs or to read the daily newspaper, with everything study is helpful for learning new words to your brain and improve memory.

Drink more water:

The daily use of at least six to eight glasses of water is essential for healthy brain.

Listening to music:

Music helps to improve the ability to focus, and the music improves brain functions, while it is helpful to overcome the brain illness like damanasia.

How to make brain sharp in Urdu:

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