Canada Visa Types And Application Process

Canadian Visa

According to the Canadian Immigration laws, it is necessary for Pakistani nationals to possess a Canadian visa in order to enter Canada. The application needs to be submitted at FedEx. Canadian visas are typically of two kinds;

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa

Permanent Residence Visa

The temporary resident visas based on their duration are divided into three categories.

  • Single Entry Visa: under this visa you can enter into Canada once and after exit, this visa expires.
  • Multiple Visa: under this visa travel in and out of Canada as many times as you wish for as long as the visa stays valid.
  • Transit Visa: this visa is issued to persons who are travelling through Canada to some other country; the validity duration of this visa is less than 48 hours.


According to the Canadian immigration laws, a temporary resident visa is not a guarantee or authentication of your confirmed entry into Canada; rather the Canadian Border Services Agency officials deputed at the Canadian airport take the final decision in this regard. They will assess and analyze if you fulfill the criteria outlined for entry into Canada. During the time, which lapsed while you applied for the visa and landed at the Canadian airport; any change in events or being made aware of any information which was not previously available to the visa officer; the officials can refuse to grant you passage and entry. They also possess the right to increase or decrease the duration of stay. This only happens in a select few cases and very occasionally.

The important categories of the temporary residence visa are as follows.

  1. Visit Visa
  2. Work Permit
  3. Study Permit

Method/Process for Visa Application

  • Download the Visa form ‘imm5257’, Family information form; imm5645’ and the travel history form from the website of the Canadian High Commission.
  • Complete all the three forms with all the necessary information. Do not leave out blank spaces. For information which is not relevant to you, write N/A next to it.
  • Only scribble the information in the form for which you possess documented proof. In case of submitting incomplete or false information; there can be a delay in issuing the visa; or simply your application could either be returned or rejected.
  • Your wife and children under the age of 18 years can apply on the same form as you. Although you will have to provide a marriage certificate and attested copies of your children’s birth certificates (with translation) with the visa form.
  • All applicants must attach two passport size photographs (as per required standards).
  • Submit the visa fee in Pakistani currency at the FedEx office. Claim the receipt and attach it to the visa form. Bear in mind that this visa is non-refundable no matter the outcome of the application.
  • Also include in the application kit a passport which still has a validity period of more than six months.
  • The documents to be attached with the visa form are based on the category of the visa applied for. A description of these documents has been provided based on the relevant category.
  • Submit all the above mentioned documents in the form of a visa kit at the FedEx office.


It should be made clear that the Canadian embassy does not accept or acknowledge visa applications submitted by hand or personally. You will only be allowed to enter the embassy if you already have been called for a visa interview.

Medical Test

After submitting the visa application you may be asked to undergo a medical examination or test. All the information pertaining to the medical exam will be contained in the letter by the visa officer. This medical exam is not mandatory for all applicants. In case of a medical exam the visa could be issued as late as three months after submitting the application.

Permanent Residence Visa

The Canadian permanent residence visa can be applied for under the following three categories.

  1. Federal Skilled workers
  2. Business Class (Investors)
  3. Provincial candidates

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