FAQs Regarding Canada Temporary Residence Visa

Important questions regarding temporary residence visa

Q:        If the visa application is rejected, can an appeal be filed?

A:        No! No appeal can be filed in this regard. On the contrary the refusal letter contains an explanation of the reasons the application was refused; by alleviating those reasons you can re-apply for the visa.

Q:        Can I translate my documents myself and then attach them with my visa application?

A:        No! You are not eligible to translate your documents yourself. You will need to hire the help of a professional translator and have all translations attested by a notary.

Q:        Can I hire a consultant/representative for completing my visa application?

A:        The Canadian embassy allows this, but does not encourage you to do this.

Q:        My representative filled out my visa form and submitted it; the questions which I was asked during my visa interview, I did not answer them according to the information provided in the form. For this reason I have been disqualified for two years. Since I did not fill out the form, why was I declared responsible?

A:        Since you have signed the document, hence, you are responsible for all information provided in your visa form and application. When you hire a consultant or representative, in order to claim their fee, they usually fill out the form with false and unrealistic information. This information cannot be verified by the documents and the responsibility falls directly upon the applicant. Thus, it is necessary that before you sign the document you should thoroughly read it and only provide rooted in reality.

Q:        I have heard that married people as compared with bachelors are easily issued Canadian visa. For this purpose can I marry a girl on a temporary basis and then divorce her after getting the Canadian visa. Will the embassy have any issues pertaining to this?

A:        Such marriages just to acquire a visa are considered as a fraud, as a result of which, your application will be rejected and you will not be eligible to apply for the next two years. In the event of your documentation turning out to be bogus, you can also be deported from Canada.

Q:        My under age child who is mentioned in my passport, I want to take him along with me to Canada, is it possible on my visa?

A:        No! You will have to acquire a separate visa for your child, which will also be stamped on your passport. For this purpose you will also apply separately for a visa and pay a separate visa fee.

Q:        After applying for the visa, I faxed some information directly to the embassy, but received no response, while the embassy has received the documentation?

A:        The embassy staff thoroughly read every fax that reaches the embassy and attach it to the relevant case. On the contrary, they do not respond to any questions pertaining to the issue of visa.

Q:        Why did the embassy send back my visa application?

A:        The Canadian embassy sends back all applications which are incomplete; hence complete the form thoroughly and attach all the relevant documentation. You will have to submit the fee anew in case of re-application.

Q:        For how long is the temporary residence visa issued?

A:        Usually the temporary residence visa is issued for 6 month visit, yet, the final decision rests with the Canadian immigration officer at the Canadian airport.

Q:        How long before do I need to apply for the visitor visa?

A:        As per your visit plan apply at least a month prior to the visit visa.

Q:        Will I have to go to the High Commission personally to submit the application?

A:        No! The Canadian High Commission accepts no applications submitted personally, you will have to apply through FedEx. If the need arises, you will only be allowed to enter the High Commission for a visa interview, apart from that you will not be allowed to enter the High Commission.

Q:        Will my family members apply for visas separately?

A:        They will apply to you on the same visa form. Although the passports of all adult family members will be submitted. The visa case for all the family members will be decided at the same time.

Q:        Can I study or work in Canada, although I have a visitor visa?

A:        For some categories of workers it is not necessary to possess a work permit. Still, while you are on a visit you will have to acquire permission. You can also take admission in a six monthly course.

Q:        I am a Canadian citizen, how can I invite my Pakistani relatives or friends to visit?

A:        For inviting your family or friends from Pakistan, send them the following documents; they will have to attach these with their visa application.

  • A letter of invitation which contains all of your and his particulars as well as describes the nature of the relationship. The letter should also state the duration of the stay and a clear mention of who will be bearing the expenses of the trip.
  • A copy of citizenship or permanent residence letter.
  • If you will bear the expenses of the trip, then state details of your income.
  • A letter from your employer company regarding your job duration and pay scale.

Q:        While during my stay in Canada if I suffer from an accident, will the Canadian Government cover my medical expenses?

A:        No! The Canadian government does not provide medical facilities to tourists. In case of having a health insurance, this responsibility will rest with the health insurance company.

Q:        I applied for a multiple visa, but I acquired only a single entry visa; can the rest of the visa fee be refunded?

A:        this is not possible. While it is deemed necessary that you will have to pay the visa fee of the category under which you are applying for a visa; yet the decision to accept or reject your visa application rests with the visa officer. Even if the visa application is completely rejected your fee is non-refundable.

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