Work Visa For Australia

Work Visas

The Australian Government provides temporary and permanent work visa for Australia to skilled foreigners to work in Australia, for this different categories are selected.

Maryland Employer Sponsored Workers

Australian companies or entrepreneurs who sponsor foreign skilled individuals to invite them to work for them come into this category.


This program is for people who may not have been sponsored but they are specialist in their field while also hold degree of it and want to work is Australia.

Business people

Those who wish to invest in Australia or go there to start a new business. This scheme also includes those Business Professionals who want to set up a new business or running and wish to go to Australia.

Specialist Entry

This category includes experts who want to go to Australia for research in social, cultural and other specific areas of Research Work.

Doctors and nurses

Pakistani medical doctors and nurses have vast opportunities to work in Australia. Separate category is created for the issuance of visas to them.

Regional jobs

This scheme is for the workers who want to provide their services in rural areas of Australia

Exhibitions for skilled

To overcome the shortage of skilled workers in Australia, Exhibitions are held all over the world in Australia in which foreigners are also registered.

Air and naval sector

This category is made from Aircraft and ships professionals and artisans. They can get Visa from this category if they would like to work in Australia in these professions.

Labor agreement

Australian companies make an agreement with government to recruit a large number of foreign workers.

Under that agreement, the workers are called on temporary and permanent basis. Following are the reasons why need of this offer occurs.

  • Industry Association on a temporary basis need a large number of skilled individuals; for this, a proper contract is made with relevant ministry.
  • Some professions are not included in the list of permanent jobs due to which there is always a shortage of skilled individuals associated with such professions.
  • Several projects need to be completed in the most severe conditions as well as in less time for which local Labor market is not available.
  • According to the agreement, in a relevant industry involving a foreigner skilled individual can be profitable.

Temporary Visa

Overseas individuals recruited under this agreement receive following facilities.

  • Can work for 4 years in Australia.
  • They can bring a secondary candidate with them who can study and work there.
  • During the agreement, you can visit or leave Australia, according to your desire.

Permanent Visa

With this visa, skilled individual can also bring his family with him and during permanent stay he will receive following facilities.

  • On a permanent basis, will be allowed to stay and work.
  • Will be able to study at any School/University.

According to the medical scheme, health facility will be given.

  • The social security benefit will also be provided.
  • After several years of stay, will be able to apply for citizenship.
  • Will be able to sponsor other people for permanent stay.

Requirements for Visa

  • A company which creates a labor agreement should make your entry.
  • Must have specific education and experience in the particular field, must possess English language skills.
  • Must have license in the particular field and should be registered in relevant authority.
  • Must have age less than 45 years.
  • Should be healthy and clear all medical tests.
  • Should be of good character; for this, character certificate from a District police officer will be compulsory.

Note: as far as age limit is concerned, relevant company can overlook it.

Opportunity for Doctors and Nurses

In Australia, there is a shortage of Doctors and Medical staff. Especially in small cities and villages there is a huge opportunity, for which qualified doctors and nurses can apply for temporary and permanent visas.


Doctors who have not registered on the Australian Medical board can initially apply for a temporary visa if they receive sponsorship from any hospital, clinic or town community. Doctors who have registered on the Australian Medical Board are eligible for applying for permanent Visa. The following conditions are required.

  • Doctors should be registered in Pakistan Medical Association and should have license of medical practitioner.
  • Foreigners who did MBBS in Australia are also eligible.
  • Through sponsorship must be offered jobs in Australia.
  • Must promise to follow Australian Culture and traditions.
  • Health and character should be good.

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