Medical Treatment Visa And Requirements For Australia

All the information related to medical treatment visa and requirements for Australia is explained below for those who want to be treated abroad in Australia.

Short-term Visa for Treatment (Sub Class 675)

If a sick person wants to be treated in Australia or to consult a doctor or someone wants to go with him for nursing or any person who wants to go to Australia to donate an organ will be given “Medical Treatment short-stay Visa” if he fulfills all the requirements. The time period of this visa can be up to 3 months and there is no fee for it, but for long term treatment visa fee is set at $ 55 Australian. During stay study is also allowed.


  1. Doctor from Pakistan refers Australia for further treatment.
  2. Australian hospital or clinic, after seeing your reports agrees for treatment.
  • Should not be suffering from such disease from which Australian citizens could be in danger.
  1. Should not have acquired Domestic worker class visa 426 before.
  2. Should have specific amount of medical treatment and lodging.
  3. Plan and arrangements for treatment should be completed.
  • Should not be a victim of TB, it will be tested.
  • Candidate should possess good character; character certificate will be attached with Visa application.

Note: For this visa there is no need to sponsor and if the patient’s condition is deteriorating any representative can be set to interact with the Embassy. In case of longer treatment Visa duration will be extended.

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