Necessary information for the people working in Arab

Passport issue for working in the Arab:

Although most companies, employers and individual sponsors, keep the passport of their employees in his own possession. But legal experts have reminded to the employees that the possession of a passport is not allowed by any one and this is the gross violation of human rights, Saudi laws and international laws. Former deputy chairman of the Sarah Gurney Chamber of Commerce and Industry¬† Adullah-al-aqeel said an “Alriaz” newspaper that any employee can not be enforce due to the passport. In july 2000, Ministers Counsil’s decided that employers can not take the passport of their employees and it was ordered to used the word “Business owner” instead of “Kafil” and “Sponsor”. Another expert Khalid-al-Hamoud said that, according to the law the passport is the property of the employee and it is also the responsibility and right of the employee to keep the passport with himself. Usually owners takes the passport from his employees and keep in their¬† own possession to bind them but this method failed to stop someone from escaping.

Necessary information for those working in the Arab 1

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