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Visa Interview (General)

Here you will get all the information about UK visa interview. Let’s start!
After submitting the visa application, visa interview is extremely important to acquire the visa. Bear in mind that most of the visa officers do not have a positive opinion about Pakistani candidates. According to them, the applications submitted by most of the Pakistani candidates are not rooted in reality. They believe that Pakistani candidates do not supply truthful information or have forged documents. Other than that, certain instances have shown that many candidates who have been issued the visa, did not come back after the visa duration elapsed and became illegal immigrants. In other instances they have also been known to delay their return, by taking advantage of legalities like paper marriage and asylum. Likewise, many students after acquiring a student visa take up permanent residence in Britain, set aside their education and start earning with a full time job. Instances have shown that they do this out of sheer will and planning and not by any predicament. Therefore, visa officials go through every visa application with utmost care and in case of the slightest doubt, they enact their officiating privileges and reject the application. Therefore, it is necessary for any applicant, that he should be able to convince the visa officer that he is completely eligible for the visa. If he wishes to acquire a visit visa, he should be fully knowledgeable and aware of the tourist attractions and places he wishes to visit and see. If he wishes to engage in business, then he should be well informed regarding the relevant business. Applicants desirous of higher studies, should be well versed in the English language, at least to a limited specific extent. The candidate should have a basic necessary educational qualification and financial sufficiency to bear the expenses of boarding, lodging and academic fee. The visa officer will only make a decision about the application after thoroughly examining every aspect of it. If the visa officer is convinced that the intentions of the candidate are good; he does not intend to stay longer than the visa duration; and all evidence points towards the fact that the candidate will return to Pakistan, then the visa officer will not refrain from allocating the visa.

The questions which are likely to be put forth to a candidate are:

  • If you win a lottery in Britain, what will you do?
  • If you get an attractive job offer or a marriage proposal by a beautiful lady, what will be your response?

Such questions are intended towards finding out the truth about your visit. If your reply to the above mentioned questions is in the positive, like you will accept the job offer or the marriage proposal, then this will indicate that you intend to stay there; thus, your application will be rejected. That is why it is utmost necessary that you prepare for the interview beforehand. Many candidates complain that the visa officer did not ask them a single question or did not go through their papers, and straight away rejected their visa application. This is a mere misunderstanding, the visa officers are highly skilled and expert in their work; they receive complete training for this designation. Based on their extensive experience in the real world they can judge a person solely by taking a look at them, and also figure out that whether the information provided in the documents is real, fake or contradictory. In more than many ways their experience is fresh and up to date regarding the local issues.

The more you prepare for the interview the better you will be able to perform. The following stages might be covered while preparing for the visa interview.

  • Take into account and analyze, the doubts arising in the mind of the visa officer and prepare arguments to elevate his suspicions.
  • Prepare a list of expected questions and their answers.
  • There should be no forgery and fraudulent documentation with regards to the employment proof, bank statement and income tax return papers; which have been attached with the application. Arrange all the documents in a filing folder, so that you face no difficulty when presenting these documents to the visa officer.
  • Be confident during the interview and do not give into stress and anxiety. Keep a smile on your face while meeting with the visa officer and talk to him with direct eye contact.
  • Treat punctuality as a necessity.
  • Be careful about the dress you wear. It should complement your personality and profession.
  • Keep your responses to the questions precise, clear and timely. Refrain from responding with answers which are unnecessary. In case of providing long and irrelevant answers you could divulge certain information, which could lead to your application being rejected.
  • Behave with patience and cordiality during the visa interview, do not get into an argument with the visa officer.
  • Be as soft spoken as possible during the conversation. Even if the visa officer converses in a harsh tone, you should refrain from doing so.
  • If you fail to understand a question, then ask for its explanation without hesitation.
  • Whether you are preparing for the documents or appearing in the interview, be truthful and honest.
  • In response to the questions of the visa officer you should be well prepared to support and compliment your answer with foolproof documentation. For example, if the visa officer asks you regarding the work that you do, then, you should be able to provide a letter of approved leave in case of employment and a registration certificate or some other document of the same sort, in case of a personal business; to support your response.
  • All the information which you either scribble in the visa application form or provide during the visa interview, is kept in the form of computerized records. If your visa application was denied during the first attempt, then while attempting for visa a second time, your previous record will also come under consideration. In the event of any contradiction between the two records the chances of your application being rejected are even higher than before.
  • Your physical appearance should also complement your identity. If you are a student then you should also appear as one. If you are employed by an organization, then you should also appear accordingly.
  • Your behavior should be at par during the visa interview.
  • Thoroughly go through all the documents which you have attached to the visa application form and make sure that no supporting document has been left out. Arrange all the documents and papers in a proper filing folder. Ill arranged documents make a bad impression.

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