UK Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

Information About UK Private Medical Treatment Visit Visa

If you wish to visit the UK for private medical treatment, then you will have to submit the following documents, with your standard visa application.

  • A letter containing your previous medical and ailment history and details of treatment by a certified specialist. The letter should also contain the recommendation for further treatment in England.
  • The record of information pertaining to the contact made with a UK based specialist. Details regarding the time and finances required for the treatment should also be provided.
  • Your ailment should not affect the common populace in England.
  • Documented proof of your financial ability to bear treatment expenses.
  • Letter of approved leaved by the company or organization you work for. In case of personal business, you will need to provide relevant documentation.
  • Important documents required for visit visa, a mention of which has been made above.

Visa for General Doctors and Dental Surgeons

British Government allows medical doctors to acquire a visa worth 6 months, so as to become acquainted with the British medical system. During this time period, however, the doctors will not be allowed to practice medicine like to prescribe medication and treat ailments, and will not be paid. They will be on an attachment in the clinics, as a member or trainee. However, after 6 months, after they are well acquainted with the British medical system they will be able to apply for a work permit.

Eligibility Criterion

  • Only qualified MBBS doctors and Dental surgeons are eligible to apply.
  • Should be able to assist with clinics in the UK, and work as dental observers.
  • Present documented proof of practical experience.
  • After the time limit of 6 months elapses, you will come back. You will be allowed to return in the event of being issued a work permit or permission to practice in the UK.


To judge your eligibility, you can visit:

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