Top 20 Universities of the World

American universities once again have taken the lead in the annual league table of universities .

According to the new top ten world universities ranking, UK four universities are included in the best world’s ten universities. However,  the world’s top university honors goes to the American university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
According to the new list of QS world university ranking 2014-15, American universities once again have taken the lead on on the annual league table of universities when the British universities got the next number in the raking list.
In the higher education world ranking, Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge as joint got top 2 positions and after that America’s famous university “Harvard” got the number.
In this list the University of Oxford and the University College London, accrue the joint place in the top five of the list.
The rest of the whole top ten universities place got by American’s university  Stanford, Caltech, Preston and Yale.
According to the QS, experts keep in view the four key sectors for the annual university ranking are teaching, research, employment perspective regarding the performance review of institute and then universities are ranked by scores.
In the list of top 20 Universities of world, UK two more universities King’s College London and the University of Edinburgh are included. Five US universities the University of Chicago got eleventh position, University of Pennsylvania got thirteen position, and Columbia University & Johns Hopkins University have got14th. Below you can see the complete list of the world top 20 universities of the world.

top 20 universities of the world 2


University Name


1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA
2 University of Cambridge UK
3 Imperial College London UK
4 Harvard University USA
5 University of Oxford UK
6 University College London(UCL) UK
7 Stanford University USA
8 California Institute of Technology (Caltech) USA
9 Princeton University USA
10 Yale University USA
11 University of Chicago USA
12 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland
13 University of Pennsylvania USA
14 Columbia University USA
15 Johns Hopkins University USA
16 King’s College London (KCL) UK
17 University of Edinburgh UK
18 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland
19 Cornell University USA
20 University of Toronto Canada


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