Saudi Arabia, the startling facts

Saudi Arabia is the second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula and it is also called the Land of the Holy Mosques because the Islam two holiest sites Makkah and Madina are located. A major reason for the popularity of Saudi Arabia’s vast oil reserves are found here too. But the Saudis are going to mention the fact that they are interesting as well, there are some startling. These facts are generally aware that few people read your article and increase your knowledge.

saudi Arabia the startling facts

The daily hundred camels are sold in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and it is a huge market for camels.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 01

The 80 percent of workers who work in Saudi Arabia belongs from other countries of the world. The 8.412 million peoples are working as labor in Saudi Arabia, while nearly six million peoples are belongs from other countries. Most of them work in the oil industry.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 02

Al Ghawar is a place in Saudi Arabia, where the world’s largest reserves of oil are found. According to an estimated view, the 75 billion barrels of oil are present on this site.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 03

Saudi Arabia’s annual military budget is 3 times more than the GDP of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s GDP is $ 20 billion, while Saudi Arabia’s military budget for a year 2013 was $ 67 billion.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 04

Saudi Arabia is a country which is 6 times larger than Germany, but the mostly deserts are found here. Saudi Arabia is the world’s 13th and second largest country in the Arab world and is spread over an area of 830,000 square miles. Algeria is the largest country in the Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 05

The world’s tallest building is under construction in Saudi Arabia. Which will get the winning award on a regular basis after the completion of it in. The height of this building will be one kilometer.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 06

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are banned from driving. The interesting thing is that this restriction is not officially written down, but the driving license is not issued to the women.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 07

The almost half population of the Saudi Arabia consists of young peoples. The one third part of the population aged in the Saudi Arabia is less than 14 years of age, while 47 percent of the population is less than 24 years.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 08

The 45 percent of the revenues come from the petroleum sector in the total GDP of the Saudi Arabia and it becomes almost 335.372 billion dollars.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 09

Saudi Arabia spends 3.7 percent of its GDP on the health sector and this budget is 4.5 times more than the GDP of the Sierra Leone. The total GDP of the Sierra Leone is $ 5 billion.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 10

The area of Saudi Arabia is 14.5 times more than of Bangladesh while the population of Bangladesh is six times higher than Saudi Arabia. The population of Bangladesh is almost consist of 166,280,712 people while the population of the Saudi Arabia consists of 29,345,986 inhabitants.

Saudi Arabia, the startling facts 11

In 2012, the 3 million peoples perform the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. It is like as that gather all the population of Phoenix and Philadelphia at a same place.

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  5. Saudi kings are no different than the quresh e mecca whose leader was abu sufian and who embraced Islam at the night of Fateh mecca. Today we see the Ibne saud replica of Abu sufian and have the same mindset. They were installed after 2nd world war when sharif mecca was given Iraq and Jordan and these najdi fighters attacked Mecca and Madina and installed their rule there. Today they are taking shelter of harmain sharifain.

  6. I praise Saudi Govt for serving Hajis,on the eve of Haj,and also for their dedication to renovate Masjid e Al Haram Sharif & Masjid Nabawi Sharif

  7. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for about 20 years. The Saudis are very nice people and I have fond memories of my stay in KSA. I wish the Saudi Royals should let the Saudi people take more part in the government and the Royal family should loosen its hold on the country affairs. Not only Saudia, but also the absolute Amarahs of the Gulf should adopt modern and democratic governments.

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