Requirements for Australian Student Visa

Requirements for Study Visa

Study visa must satisfy the following conditions.

  • To get admission in any registered course (Full time study) of Australian college or university you must have “Acceptance Letter”.
  • Must be stable financially, you, your parents or your guardian must be able to afford your educational, residential and other expenses in Australia. As evidence, you can provide bank statements, property papers or Bank Guarantee.
  • Should be healthy, you will have a medical examination.
  • For your stay in Australia you need to get health insurance from an Embassy approved company. Its policy will be attached with Visa application.
  • Must obtain IELTS score of 6 or more for visa of Higher Education.
  • In Pakistan at least 12 years of education should be completed and all certificates should be present.
  • Candidate possesses good character, for this you will have to obtain a character certificate from the police.
  • Should not be a defaulter of any institute of Australia.
  • Study visa fee Rs 22900 should be submitted.
  • While in Australia, you will abide by the laws and social norms and will have to take oath.

Note: For students with wife or children under the age of 18, there guardian may also apply for the visa. Should be noted that while studying in Australia you are allowed to work for 20 hours as part-time during a week while on holidays you can work full time.

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