Norway Visit Visa And Application From Pakistan

Visit/Schengen Visa

If you wish to come to Norway as a tourist, or to meet your family, for some official, business or educational visit, or any other such purpose for which permission to stay is not necessary, then you can get visit visa. For Norway and other Schengen countries, this visa will be valid for no more than 90 days. According to law, after reaching Schengen countries, the validity of this visa cannot be increased. According to this law, the only way to get exemption is that after reaching these Schengen countries you encounter an unexpected problem and your original visa has been validated for less than 90 days. Even under these circumstances, in Schengen countries your stay cannot be more than 90 days from the previous 6 months. Visa acquired from Norway is applicable in all countries under the tag of Schengen countries.

Visa Application

For Norwegian visa, the visa form is now filled at After submitting the online form, its receipt is taken to the FedEx. The print of receipt of the visa form is attached with the required documents and then taken to the FedEx office. Your case of issuing the visa is decided in approximately two weeks. After which the embassy will notify you through a telephone call. At this you will receive your passport through FedEx. The fee is also being admitted online, for which Master card or Visa Card is required.

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