Norway Visas Types

Norway Visas

After becoming a part of the Schengen countries, Norway is bound to abide by the immigration rules and regulation, which were agreed upon in the agreement. Norwegian citizens due to being in a Schengen state have the liberty to move in and out of other Schengen countries. Likewise, people who Visit Norway after being issued a visa can also go to other Schengen countries and they have no further need of any other visa. According to established regulations the following visas are issued for a visit and stay in Norway.

  1. Visit Visa

For recreation and visiting, meeting relatives and other purposes, a visit visa of up to 3 months can be issued for entering into Norway and other Schengen countries.

  1. Work Permit

Foreigners who wish to work in Norway issue a work permit to enter into Norway.

  1. Study Permit

Going to Norway for higher education requires that you obtain a residence permit.

  1. Family Reunion Visa

Under this title, the family members of Norwegian citizens and foreigners with permanent residence are given permanent visas.

  1. Permanent Residence Permit

By acquiring this permit, permanent residence can be acquired and have a job.

  1. Asylum

People who do not feel safe in their countries are guaranteed asylum in Norway.

  1. Citizenship

After spending a specific time period in Norway or marrying a Norwegian citizen, one can apply for citizenship.

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