Norway Permanent Residence Permit requirements

Documents required for a Permanent Residence Visa

  • Application form with photograph.
  • Photocopy of the passport (a copy of the passports, which you have possessed during your work, stay or education in Norway, is also to be attached).
  • Details of all the trips made to foreign countries during the past years.

When you apply for a permanent residence permit, you will be informed through post mail that your application has been received by the Directorate of immigrants. The letter also constitutes information about the probable time that will be taken to process the application. If you wish to exit Norway after receiving the permanent residence permit, then you should have your passport stamped with the valid permanent residence permit sticker. This stamp proves that you been granted the permanent residence permit. The stamp can be renewed only with the police and does not require the submission of any kind of application.

The basic principle is that if for consecutive two years or during the time of four years you stay away from Norway for two or more than two years than your permanent residence permit will be revoked. If you wish to leave Norway for a period of two years, then under specific circumstance you can apply for keeping your permanent residence visa eligible and valid. In this case you will to apply outside of Norway and that took a long time prior to the elapse of the first two years. Apart from other situations that exempt you from this scenario, another condition is also applied that; persons who have received their work permit or stay permit later than 01-09-2005, it has been deemed necessary for them to have complete knowledge of the Norwegian language. Persons receiving their first permit prior to this date do not necessarily have to fulfill this condition.

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  2. I will apply for Norway for residence permit, Which address i have to apply and how much time it will take to get residence permit?


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