Norway Family Immigration

Family Immigration (inviting family members to Norway)

When referring to family immigration it means that any person or foreigner from not living in Norway comes to live in Norway with his family. If a person living outside of Norway wants to come to his family member living in Norway, it is essential that the person residing in Norway must either be a Norwegian citizen or the citizen of a NORDIC country. Another way is that the person in Norway does not have its citizenship than he must possess either a work permit or residential permit of the sorts which can become the basis of inviting relatives to Norway. Basically, only those relatives of the person residing in Norway are issued a family reunion Visa which have a direct close relation to the person. This permit is issued for one year at one point in time. After three years you can apply for a permanent residence permit.

Closest Relatives

  • Husband / Wife and registered marital partner.
  • Partners living together without marital relation for more than two years.
  • Children under the ages of 18 years.

Other Relatives liable to receive a permit

  • Unmarried partner of the person living in Norway, who is the father / mother of their child; or they are about to have a child (in this situation even if they have not been living together for more than two years the partner can be issued the permit).
  • Any person who comes to Norway with the intention of getting married in Norway, and does so within 6 months.
  • The father or mother who is left alone and has no close relative in their respective country.
  • Unmarried dependent children above the age of 18 years and they have no one to look after them in their respective country. Children who require special care (due to a condition or handicap).
  • Brothers and sisters less than the age of 18 years, who have nether a father nor a mother and any close relative to care for them in their respective country. The parents shouldn’t also be in any other country in order to qualify for this.
  • Special conditions encompassing humanitarian criteria can also make other distant relatives eligible for this visa.

Conditions for Family Members

  • The basic principle is that the applicant should have sound arrangement for being looked after. Look after arrangements mean that according to the Government’s ordained laws of pay scale, it is necessary to have a pay scale of grade 8 or above. As per 21 – 07 – 2008 this amount was equal to 215200 Norwegian Krone per year before tax deduction.
  • If the applicant is not a closer relative than residential accommodation has to arrange for essentially.

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