Norway Business Visa Requirements

Business Visitors

Persons going to Norway for a business visit will have to submit their visa application with some additional documents.  The following are the general documents required for Norway business visa.

  • Original Visa form filled with capital letters and one photo copy.
  • Three 35x45mm size photos with white background.
  • Original passport [which will be valid for 3 months after the visa expiry]


  • If old passport is available, it is better to attach those as well.
  • 2 phot copy sets of pages 1 to 4 of the passport.
  • 2 photo copies of the CNIC.
  • Original and 1 photocopy each of the bank statement for last six months and a year prior to that.
  • Property papers with English translation and a complete set of two photocopies.
  • In case of being married; two photocopies of the Niakh nama (with translation)
  • If the candidate is employed then he will need to submit a letter by the employer, also encompassing a discussion about the holidays for visiting Norway.
  • Hotel booking papers.
  • Last three month’s salary slip.
  • In case of personal business submit a copy of its registration (with English translation).
  • Tax return papers from last two years.
  • A written invitation by the person who is your reference in Norway.
  • If the person inviting you over to Norway is a relative than its proof (the relation will be established through birth certificate and Form B.
  • If the candidate for visa application does not have the financial capability of bearing the expenses for the visit; than a guarantee letter by the person inviting for a visit to Norway and a copy of his passport.

Additional Documents for Business Visit

  • The Norwegian company inviting the candidate for the visit will have to fax the Invitation Sponsor letter directly to the consulate.
  • Acceptance letter from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • A record of correspondence with the Norwegian company.

Additional Documentation for Visiting a Relative

Following additional papers or documents are required for submission when apply for visiting a relative.

  • The Norwegian relative should directly fax the Norwegian Embassy with a letter of absolute guarantee by the Norwegian police.
  • A copy of the passport of the Norwegian relative.
  • Proof of relationship.

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