Norway Application Process Based On Protection

Processing the Application

After coming to Norway the applicant is soon called for the interview. Whether the applicant is deserving of the protection or not is decided based on the information provided in the application, oath and the interview. If you do not qualify for the protection, then the Norwegian authorities themselves assess the possibilities or reasons which might make you eligible for the residence permit, under the need for protection or humanitarian basis. Residence permit based on humanitarian causes or the need for protection is only given on the basis of solid grounds.

Filing an Appeal in the event of rejection of the application of seeking asylum

If the directorate for immigrants – UDI rejects your application for asylum, then you can file an appeal against the decision. After the applicant is informed of the decision of the UDI – Directorate of immigrants the applicant has three weeks to file an appeal. The appeal is first brought under consideration in UDI – Directorate of immigrants, which take into account if any, information has been put forth in the case or not.

Usually during the time the application is being processed, the applicant is allowed to stay in the country. Although if as perceived by the Directorate if immigrants you do not have sound reasons for qualifying for a permit on protection grounds, then you will not be allowed to stay in Norway during this time. If the directorate does not change its decision than this appeal will be forwarded to the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board (UNE).

Departure from Country

If your application is rejected and you are not issued a visa based on humanitarian or need for protection basis, then you will have to exit the country. To leave the country voluntarily you will have to contact the police for the agreement or contact the IOM – International Organization for Migration. This organization can contact you as per your will on arrival to your country. If you do not leave the country voluntarily, then the police will deport you to your native country. In this regard the police have the right to use force. Under these auspices you will also be responsible for all the expenses that fall on the Norwegian government.

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  1. i m doctor working as govt officer hospital pims i having tribal dispute in pakistan 4 person killed in my own family include my younger brother so tese situation life threat want to migrate or give me asylum any where

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