How to Study For Exams Tips in Urdu

10 Very Easy Ways for Best Performance in Exams:

Every student looks worried on the topic of study especially during the exams and tries to find out the best ways of study. Now you don’t need to be worried because we provide the solution of your study problems in our article “ How to Study For Exams Tips in Urdu ”. I hope it will be great helpful for you in study matters and exams preparation.

The time of exams preparation is really nightmare for each student. In a very little time left out the repetition of all the books. A man cannot sleep properly nor can he eat and drink properly. If it’s time is even painful for you but this is so sad because you can take very good marks without any pressure. You don’t need to take the tension if you know about these study skills for the preparation of exams. You can also apply these study skills for exams in next exams.

Study and Exams Tips:

1: After studying few pages, reward yourself by little breaks or for some food.

2: If anything learns by rote then don’t rote by watching on the book rather read few lines and then repeat it verbally.

3: Use all your senses during the study, it means that read the words loudly by watching them.

4: During the study period take a break for some time and see or read something which felt you powerless laughter. This process will get away your whole tensions.

5: Make a habit of combined study with your friends instead of alone study and explain the read things in-front of each other.

6: Keep an eye on the time during the course of study and it is better that wears the wrist watch.

7: If you teach the read things to someone then you will never forget it. If the reader is not available then put some toys in-front of you and lecture them.

8: Affix a white board at home and write the remember things on the board.

9: Use the water and fruits frequently during your study it will provide the energy to your mind and body.

10: To remember ten things try to make their links with real life examples. For example, to remember the definition of gravity keeps in mind a falling apple.

How to Study For Exams Tips in Urdu 2

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