How to spend the life in UAE ?

How to spend the life in UAE ?  Extremely useful information for foreigners. The United Arab Emirates and especially Dubai has achieved the fame of paradise land and people are coming from around the world to stay in Dubai for tourism, employment and for housing.

Be sure to stay in Dubai, keep in mind a few key points to avoid any upcoming problems during the stay and enjoy this stay a lot.

1: Formation:

If you are the citizen of  UAE or GCC countries then you have to get the UAE Residence Visa for your accommodation in Dubai and other Emirates. Here’s a company can also arrange this visas that provides employment. On the basis of visa you can open a bank account, driving license can be made, car registration can be done and you can get PO BOX.

2: Clothing:

It is very important to wear the proper traditional clothing according to Muslim culture. Mostly local people dislike the inappropriate western style clothing.

3: Driving:

Here the driving is done on the right side of the road. After getting the Residence Visa you can change your country license into the license here.

4: Drinking and Driving:

If you are drunk, avoid driving because it is to be considered the strongest crime and which results severe penalties.

5: Use of Bank Account:

Even though often banks provides credit card and other free visible services but  your account balance must be kept to a certain extent and if your account balance is less then the required amount then you have to pay the penalty.

6: Healthcare:

Most of the companies provides health insurance facility to their employees but it is essential to know that your wife and children are included in it or not. Usually maternity insurance is provided separately so make sure you do it.

7: Education:

The are variety of school syllabus and fees among different school. Choose a school for your child where after reading the syllabus your child can go back successfully in the education system of his own country.

8: Savings:

Mostly companies do not provide the facility of pension to their employees coming from abroad so definitely you should keep an eye on save for the future.

9: Travel:

Those people coming from abroad have to travel more, So keep an eye on such offers and discounts which can provide the facility of cheap travel. For example, such credit card which can make possible cheap air travel.

10: Social Relations:

In the United Arab Emirates, without a legitimate relationship the accommodation with the opposite sex is illegal and those people who do unlike interrupt are imprisonment for one year and after one year they are deported.

How to spend the life in UAE  2


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