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How to make CV guide in Urdu & Eng:

In any part of your life, you go out for the Job Search. In addition to the basic requirements, what will be needed first? It will be your CV or resume, your professional introduction. Our junior partner looks quite worried in this regard. The majority of them copies the other’s CV. And it does not look any individuality and your CV is buried in a heap of other CV. Today I will share about “How to make CV tips in Urdu and English” with junior men and women according to my knowledge.

First of all, think about the different parts of your CV and make the proper heading of each.

Your introduction should be at the beginning of the page. Write your name in the same Pronunciation and the style which is contained in your educational credentials. No kenning, or doesn’t make any other type of differentiate. Give your permanently contacts with it and such resources on which immediately contact should be possible with you. It means that give your home address, phone number, fax or e-mail address if available. Give your more contacts so it will easy to contact with you.

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After that describe your objective. This means that if you are successful in getting this job than what benefits will bring your presence for them. Don’t use the word “Maybe” during your conversation. You should be stable view about your abilities.

Describe qualification about the job.

After that write the different professional skills which you have gotten.

Then if you work in different places at different times, mention it on your CV as:

  • First of all mention your designation.
  • The name and address of that place.
  • And finally, write the duration of your job according to date.

It is better for you to write in the style of the column in this way more information will come in less space. First of all, refer to the place where you are currently working or worked in the end. After that, go back according to the same calculation. If you have a lot of different job experience so it is sufficient to write only the last fifteen years or enter the more important.

Now comes to the education at the end, start your education from the last degree and don’t need to lead to high school. If you have not completed your education, then mention the due date with it. Write the name of all your degrees with the name of educational institution from where you got the degree and at the end mention the year of degree if you feel that it will suitable.

Keep the format of it in the same way as the job experience was kept.

It becomes the talk of these different parts. Write all the information given in these parts in the points. Don’t use the word “I” or “my” anywhere.

Avoid giving the personal information. Such as date of birth, religion, be married, number of children, age, color etc.

Write Mr with the name of men and Miss with the name of women.

Don’t make flower petals and colored margins above the CV.

Don’t describe your experience too much exaggerate that employer think that this is a great man and what we’ll keep him it would be lurch. Or this qualification is more for this position. It is better that you understand all aspects of the job they should be and what your responsibilities will be in the expected job, then prepare your CV.

If you don’t have experience so in this section you can tell about your line of strategy that how will you complete your targets. And which skills you have got how you will use these skills.

If you are not asked for a reference, there is no need to put them.

Your CV will be only for a few seconds in front of your employer. So write your CV as that say the much talk in words at least. Use your space wisely on the page. So it is better that your CV consist of a single page, but if you have a lot of details than make it on the two pages. In the case of two pages, it should come more than half page of next page. If it is less than half page, then try to make it on one page.

Some other CV tips:

Here are some other tips that don’t tell about the reason for leaving first employment. Don’t write the name and address of your current or former employer.

It should be free from error in every way. No error of spelling and grammar should be in it.

Keep in mind that you are offering your knowledge and skills for sale. So offer it according to your expected job.

Keep the hobby section if a person has some extraordinary performance in games. It shows your leadership qualities and team spirit with the work. Otherwise, there is no need of it.

Read it carefully after you have prepared it.

Of course, many of you will be aware of many things before. But it is especially for those who are going to start their practical life.

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