Germany Tourist/Visit Visa And Condition For Sponsor

Tourist / Visit Visa

The basic condition of the German visitor visa is also sponsorship and the utter responsibility for the stay rests upon the permanent resident or the sponsor. Apart from this the financial status and social standing of the applicant is also counter checked, so that his return to Pakistan in the allotted time can be judged. If you have a solid financial standing and social circle than there remains no doubt that you will come back after the visit. Therefore, if you have a personal well established business or if you are currently working at a higher credential post; then the chances of you not returning after the visit are almost decimated. Likewise bachelors are more likely to stay back as compared to married men who have families in Pakistan. If you succeed in convincing the visa officer that you will return within the time frame of the visa, then without a moment’s hesitation the visa will be issued. Apart from general documentation also attach the following documents with the visa application.

  • Sponsorship letter along with affidavit of responsibility according to the German Resident Act.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for covering expenses during the visit like 6 month bank statement and proof of land ownership.
  • If you have your personal business, then income tax returns, registration and the certificate of chamber membership should be attached.
  • In case of job employment 3 month salary slip and certificate for approved leave should be attached.
  • Hotel booking or letter for residential accommodation by the sponsor.

Conditions for the Sponsor

For sponsor it is necessary that he should be a permanent resident or a citizen in Germany and that he should not be a defaulter in any government or semi government organization. Should be financially stable. The sponsor will apply to the German foreign ministry with all the related and essential documentation. After approval from the foreign ministry a copy will be dispatched to the German embassy.

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