Germany Family Reunion Visa And Requirements

Family Reunion Visa

If your husband, wife, father, mother, brother or sister resides in Germany as a permanent resident or have German citizenship, then you can also go to Germany and get settled there. For this you will have to apply for the Family Reunion Visa. For this you will have to personally contact and take appointment from the Islamabad German embassy. The embassy can be contacted through Monday to Friday, from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. The contact can be made on the embassy phone number: 051-2279441. The visa application needs to be submitted personally.

The minimum eligible age for applying for the Family Reunion visa is 18 years. Attach the following papers in the described order. All papers and documents should be accompanied by two photocopies of each. All copies are to be made on A4 size paper.

  • 3 Visa Forms, which have been completely filled using a typewriter.

(Visa forms can be obtained from the German embassy or can be downloaded from the embassy website:

  • 3 photographs + 3 photographs of husband, wife or the concerned relative who is currently in Germany.
  • Proof of knowledge of basic German language (highly qualified professionals, scientists and husbands and wives of refugees are exempted of this condition).
  • Registration letter belonging to the German relative.
  • Your current and expired passport.
  • Photocopies of the German relative.
  • Your birth certificate with an English translation which has been attested by a magistrate.
  • Form B issued by NADRA office. The Form B should either be translated into the English language or the German language and has been attested by a class one magistrate.
  • Attested and translated Nikah Nama.
  • If you or your spouse had been previously married, then attach attested divorce papers.
  • Receipt of Visa fee (Visa fee is € 30).
  • For verification of the Pakistani documents, a draft worth PKR 20,000 will is required to be submitted with the documentation. The bank will charge an extra processing fee of PKR 500.

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