Germany Business Visa And Requirements

Business Visa

If business personnel have to go abroad for a business trip of any sorts like the signing of a business deal, viewing machinery, looking into a prospective market for business or for participation in an exhibition; an application for business visa can be submitted. It is specifically important that you should be able to convince the visa officer of your business through your documentation. Along with personal business related documents you should also provide the relevant documentation from the German Business, Company or businessman; from where the visit request has originated. Along with the General documents attached with the visa application, the following stated documentation should also be attached.

  • The letter of request and invitation from the German businessman; which will explain the purpose of the visit along with a clearly stated visit duration.
  • If it is meant to be a business tour via a business company, then there will be attached a letter from the company explaining the designation, job tenure, and pay scale etc.
  • Bank statement (6 months)
  • Registration papers and income tax return papers of the business firm.
  • Credible proof of business relations or mutual communication with the German business company.
  • Membership papers, along with a letter of recommendation of the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Papers of hotel booking.


Apart from these submitted documents, the visa section if deemed necessary, can also request further and any other documentation. Any submitted application is only considered and processed when submitted with complete necessary documentation. In case the application or the documentation is incomplete, the application is rejected. The visa issuing period may range from 2 up to 3 weeks; thus submit the application accordingly. That is at the least a month ahead of the planned visit.

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