German Visa For Medical Treatment or Medical Visa

Visa for Medical Treatment or Medical Visa

Germany has also made a name for itself in the field of Medicine. With the birth of every German citizen the state of Germany ensures that he/she receives the best possible medical facilities. Foreigners who wish to travel to Germany in the hope of receiving medical treatment will not be required to have a sponsor; rather they will be required by necessity to submit the following additional documentation.

  • Medical certificate explaining that the treatment of the patient is not possible in Pakistan or that the condition can be treated better in Germany.

For this purpose the German Embassy has rested authority with three doctors in Pakistan. Two doctors are in Islamabad while one in Lahore. You will have to contact them first in order to acquire the necessary documents.

  • Mohammad Arshad, Street Number 1, House Number 20, Sector F-6/3 Islamabad.

Phone Number: 051-2274368

  • Ahmad Shahab, Street number 63, House Number 4, Sector F-7/3 Islamabad.

Phone Number: 051-8255891

  • Mohammad Iqbal, 14 Main Gulberg Lahore.

Phone Number: 042-5755588 / 042-5716639

  • Previous history of medical treatment in Pakistan.
  • A certificate which has been issued by a German hospital or a German doctor; showing willingness to carry out the medical treatment. The certificate should also declare the duration of the treatment and the expected expenses to arise from the treatment.
  • Proof of pre-payment of medical fees.
  • Proof of sufficient bank balance to provide for the expenses arising during the stay in Germany (this will be provided in the form of a bank statement and property papers).

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