General Documents Required For Australia Visa Application

General Documents for submission of Visa Application

Visa Application form associated with at least 3 months for a future use Passport, of which 2 pages should be empty because Australian visa sticker visa section does not apply stickers on additional pages. If the pages are not empty then after the approval of the visa application you will be asked to provide a new passport and the case will remain pending until the passport is recovered. Further general documents required for Australia visa application are:

  • A passport size photograph (not older than 6 months)
  • Character certificate issued by the district police officer should be attached.
  • Visa fees which should be submitted in FedEx center.
  • Proof of the existence of the money for expenses during trip.
  • Copies of all relevant documents that are important for the case (Detail of which will be provided on the next pages under all categories separately.)

Documentation Guidelines

Do not send original documents with the application instead send verified copies. Present original at the time when asked by the visa section. All papers supporting case must be sent otherwise the application will become pending or will be rejected. If documents such as marriage certificate or birth certificate, are in Urdu, they should be translated in English by a professional translator and then attached.

Actions required after the submission of Visa Application

After receiving a request visa section reviews every aspect of it. If the documents provided by you meet the requirement of the appropriate Visa, meaning Visa officer is convinced that the reason you have provided for going to Australia is valid and in Pakistan you have strong social and economic relations on which you will be able to come back after the fixed time period and have sufficient funds to cover the costs. They will have positive opinion and will consider it more. If you suspect any document suspicious. You can send it to the relevant authority for confirmation and the applicant shall pay the fees for it. If any further documents will be required during the process, you will be contacted for them. For more explanation you may be called for interview. During this process if you need case information it is best to contact via fax or e-mail instead of telephone because High Commission prefers these sources and through them you will be answered.


Travel / health insurance

During your stay in Australia, for your treatment Australian Government will not be responsible. For that you will have to get travel insurance for which you will be asked before the visa is accepted.

Return of passport

After the decision of the visa application, your passport (along with other documents if original were taken) will be sent back to you via FedEx.

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