FAQs About Norway Study Stay Permit

Important FAQs About Norway Study Stay Permit

Q:        Where do I have to apply for an Educational Stay Permit?

A:        You will have to submit the visa application form for this category in the Norwegian Embassy. The application will be processed in the UDI – the Norwegian Directorate of Immigrants. The residents of the European Union – EU, and the Exclusive Economic Zone –EOS are exempt from this condition. The citizens of these two countries can enter into Norway without a Visa and can submit an application for this purpose later. In such a situation the application is then forwarded to the nearest Police department, where it is further processed. Students belonging to the Norwegian Welfare Organization – NORAD, can also come to Norway first and then apply for the Visa later. If these students fulfill all the necessary conditions then they are issued a visa by the Norwegian consulate to enter the country. Later on the Police department looks into the matter of issuing a residence permit.

Q:        Does Norway charge any fee for issuing a residence permit to students?

A:        The application fee is 800 Norwegian Krone, which is charged at the time of application submission. If you are already in Norway or have applied for renewal of the permit, then the fee can also be submitted to the police in cash or through a bank card. The fee can also be paid through direct bank transfer into another account. If done so than the payment receipt is attached to the application and posted through the mail or it can also be submitted personally. The account number can be obtained through the police or is available with the Norwegian Embassy. The fee is submitted by the police and not to the UDI – the Norwegian Directorate of immigrants.

            If the application is to be submitted in Oslo, then you can obtain the account number by contacting the UDI –Norwegian Directorate of Immigrants department with the Police. The phone number for the Oslo Police is 22342100. The citizens of the European Union – EU and the Exclusive Economic Zone – EOS are exempted from this fee.

Q:        How much time does it take for this application to be processed?

A:        Time frame varies according to the nature of the application. In Pakistan usually it takes from up to 2 to 6 months. If your postal address is from Norway then the Norwegian authorities will automatically issue you a letter of receipt. This letter will confirm to you that your application has been received by the authorities. And at the same time will also let you know as to how much time the process will take.

Q:        If my application has been rejected, can I submit and appeal against the decision?

A:        Yes! The appeal must constitute sound arguments. If you can provide any additional information than do point it out in the appeal. If you file an appeal then your case will be brought under consideration anew in the UDI – Norwegian Directorate of Immigrants. If the Directorate of immigrants maintains its previous decision and does not accept the application, then your case will be dispatched to the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board – (UNE). The appeal will not cost you any fee.

Q:        Can I take my family along?

A:        If the time remaining for your academics is less than a year, then in this situation you cannot take your family along. If the time remaining in your education or course is more than a year, then your closest relatives like your wife and kids – under the ages of 18 – can also be issued a residence permit in Norway. Your family will have to contact the nearest Norwegian embassy personally and then submit the application for a residence permit. It is necessary that you should be financially stable enough to provide for your family and arrange for their residence with you. Students and their families belonging to the European Union and the Exclusive Economic Zone have a separate set of rules to follow. The closest relatives of applicants belonging to these two groups can come to Norway along with them. Closest relative includes; partner by marriage, a partner (Samboer) who has been living with the applicant for at the last two years, and children. Apart from this the following conditions apply.

  • You should be able to provide for your family.
  • Having a health insurance is a must for family members.

Q:        How long can I stay in Norway?

A:        The residential permit is always issued for one year. After its expiration the permit has to be renewed. The condition for the renewal of the permit is that you should be displayed satisfactory success rate in your academic course.

Q:        Can I obtain a work permit during my education in Norway?

A:        When you come to Norway on an educational visa, then you are not given a normal work permit. On the contrary, you can apply for a part time job permit (part time job means that you can work not more than 20 hours during the week and during the holidays you can work full time). For this purpose, it is necessary that the educational institute should confirm that this will not impact your studies in any negative way. Your life partner can also apply for such a work permit.

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