FAQs About Norway Family Immigration Visa

Important Questions

Q:        If I have to get married in Norway then how will I submit the application?

A:        If you intend to stay in Norway through marriage to a Norwegian then you will have to apply for the specific six months stay permit for marriage. The application for the permit is to be submitted from the your country of residence; or in case of being abroad, you will have to submit from the country in which you have resided for the past six months through a stay permit. If you intend to meet your loved one and then come back then you can apply for the 90 day reunion visa.

Q:        Can I go to Norway before the application for family immigration gets approved?

A:        Usually you cannot go to Norway before the approval of your family immigration application. Yet under specific condition you can enter into Norway and then apply for the visa from within Norway. Such example situations are explained below.

  • If your life partner is a Norwegian citizen or a citizen of any of the NORDIC countries and intends to get settled or is settled in Norway.
  • If your life partner has a permanent residence permit or any permit that can be the basis of a permanent residence permit.
  • Your mutual children with your husband / wife who are not Norwegian citizens, can also apply from within Norway after coming here. This rule is also applicable to children from previous husband /wife; and you either have joint custody or sole custody of the children. Provided that the other partner has agreed to the children settling in Norway.
  • If you have been prohibited to acquire a visa, then you will have to contact the nearest Norwegian embassy and apply for the limited visa for entry to come your husband / wife. This visa is issued only in rare cases and is restricted to a specific group of applicants. The case is decided by the embassy. Although in case of the application being rejected, you can file an appeal with the UDI.

Q:        For as long as I am waiting for a response to my family immigration application, can I get a temporary work permit during that period?

A:        If you are among the people who have been permitted to apply for the family immigration visa from within Norway, then you can apply for the temporary work permit.

Q:        Is there any fee for the submission of family immigration application?

A:        While submitting the fee to the embassy/police the fee has to be submitted with it. Children less than 18 years are exempted from the fee. The fee can be paid either through cash or bank card. You may also submit the fee beforehand (through bank deposit) and attach the payment receipt with the application; whether you are submitting the application through post or person. The account number can be received from either the police or the embassy.

Q:        If my application has been rejected can I file an appeal against it?

A:        Yes! If you file an appeal then the UDI will process the appeal application, and if the UDI retains their decision even after the appeal then the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) will process the appeal. There is no fee for appeal application.

Q:        Will I have to renew my residence and visitor permit which has been given on the basis of family immigration?

A:        Principally this permit is issued for one year every time. If the permit is renewable then the application for renewing the permit will have to be submitted. It is necessary to file the application for renewing the permit before the permit expires. There is a fee for renewing the permit (there is no fee for children less than 18 years). You can apply for a stay permit after three years.

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