FAQ About Norway Visit Visa

General Questions

Q:        If I apply for a work permit / stay permit, will I have to submit a visa application as well?

A:        if you wish to visit Norway so you can get settled there, then you cannot be given the Schengen Visa. On the contrary a few of the work permit applicants or stay permit applicants can be issued a D – visum till their application is decided upon. Based on this D-visum the applicant will be able to enter the country. This can only happen if you intend to have a permanent stay in Norway and your application form fulfills all the necessary conditions for attaining work permit.

Q:        If I want to get married in Norway, then what is the procedure for applying?

A:        If you intend to get settled in Norway through marriage, then you can apply for the specific six monthly marriage stay permit. The application for stay permit will have to be submitted at your country’s embassy or consulate. If you are not in your native country, then you will submit the application from your country of residence for the past six months with the stay permit of that country. If you simply intend to meet up with your fiancé and then go back, then you can apply for the 90 day visit visa.

Q:        What do I need to acquire the visa?

A:        in order to enter Norway you must have a functional and a valid passport. For which ever, period the visa has been issued, your passport must still be valid 90 days above the visa date. You must have sufficient funds for traveling and staying in Norway. If you do not have enough funds and are not financially strong, then you can be stopped at the border and prohibited from entering into Norway despite having a visa. In some cases the financial guarantee by your host, for your stay and travelling back is considered sufficient enough. This guarantee form needs to be filled by the person in Norway who wishes to meet you (this person is known as your sponsor). The sponsor will have to get the guarantee stamped from the Norwegian police. This guarantee form can be attained at the embassy or the UDI internet pages. Submit the guarantee form with the visa application.

Q:        is it necessary to enter the country for which the Visa has been applied?

A:        No! After you have been issued the Schengen visa, you can travel to any of the Schengen countries. But if you intend to spend most of your time out of Norway in some other Schengen country, then you are obliged to submit your visa application at the embassy of that country in which you intend to stay.

Q:        In order to visit other Schengen countries will I have to acquire more visas?

A:        No! The visa issued by the Norwegian embassy will be valid for all Schengen countries.

Q:        If I want to visit many countries during my trip, can I be issued a visa for more than 90 days?

A:        No! You can only be issued a visa for 90 days or less and you will have to exit the Schengen countries before the visa expires. If you fail to exit the Schengen countries on expiry of your visa than this will negatively impact any future entry into any of the Schengen countries.

Q:        If my visa application has been rejected, can I register an appeal against this decision?

A:        Yes, you can! If you register an appeal against the decision which has been taken by the embassy than your appeal will be dispatched to the UDI for processing. If your appeal is rejected by the UDI and you register an appeal against that decision as well then your case will be heard by the UNE – Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board; a board which hears the cases pertaining to appeals made by foreigners. There are no fees for registering an appeal.

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