Eligibility For British Citizenship

British Citizenship

There are 3 categories under which, an application for British Citizenship can be submitted. Irrespective of the category, it is mandatory to clear the, ‘New Life in UK’, test. Lets take a look eligibility for British citizenship.

  1. British Citizenship after 6 years of residence

Persons applying under this category must possess the below stated qualities.

  • Must be 18 years of age or more, and mentally healthy.
  • Must have impeccable character.
  • Proficiency in understanding and spoken English.
  • Must be employed in the United Kingdom.
  • 6 years of residence must be completed, prior to submitting the application.
  • During the stay in the UK, no more than 450 days should have been spent abroad.
  • Continuous residence in UK for 6 years.
  • Should not have been involved in any criminal or illegal activity. No case should have been filed upon violation of immigration laws.

Note: It takes from 6 to 7 months to take a decision regarding an immigration case. Hiring a British attorney, will allow him to present your case rather adequately.

  1. British Citizenship through Marriage

British Citizenship through marriage can be applied, on completing 3 years. The following conditions apply:

  • 3 years continuous residence in Britain
  • No more than 270 days should have been spent abroad
  • No more than 90 days should have been spent abroad in the last year
  • No case pertaining to any illegal activity, should have been filed during the stay in the UK
  1. Business Scheme

Coming to Britain on business visa and having a stay duration worth 5 continuous years; you can apply through the business scheme for British Citizenship. The application fee is £950.

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  1. My elder brother is UK citizen and have a well establish business of about 90 thousand pounds. so how can i apply for the immigration as i am engineer and have two year experience in WAPDA Pakistan

  2. I need uk citizen ship for my daughter for her better educational and career developemnt please guide me and suggest me how i got citizenship for her. Thanks

  3. lneed uk citizen ship for my daughter daughter for her better educational and career developemnt please guide me and suggest me how i got citizenship for her thanks

  4. Hello i am 25 years old male . I have done mba in hrm. I am intrested in uk citizenship. How can i apply? Gudide may in detail. I am also finincially weak

  5. Hy I have a 25 years of experience in electrical engineering at Pakistan Air Force and also a official visit to UK in June 2014 for acceptance of service component. I am going to retire from my service from Pakistan Air Force in February 2016. During my visit to UK I love to have a job in UK and I will try to make sure that I have to do the best for UK as I have been spend my time in Pakistan Air Force. Kindly find the right thing to do the job in UK

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