Documents Required For Norway Visit Visa and Interview

Required Documents

  • An original Visa form filled with capital letters and one photocopy.
  • Three 35 x 45mm size photos with white background.
  • Original passport [which will be valid for 3 months after the visa expiry]


  • If old passport is available, it is better to attach those as well.
  • 2 photo copy sets of pages 1 to 4 of the passport.
  • 2 photocopies of the CNIC.
  • Original and 1 photocopy each of the bank statements for last six months and a year prior to that.
  • Property papers with English translation and a complete set of two photocopies.
  • In case of being married; two photocopies of the Niakh name (with translation)
  • If the candidate is employed then he will need to submit a letter from the employer, also encompassing a discussion about the holidays for visiting Norway.
  • Hotel booking papers.
  • Last three months salary slip.
  • In case of personal business submit a copy of its registration (with English translation).
  • Tax returns papers from last two years.
  • A written invitation from the person who is your reference in Norway.
  • If the person inviting you over to Norway is a relative than its proof (the relation will be established through birth certificate and Form B.
  • If the candidate for visa application does not have the financial capability of bearing the expenses for the visit; than a guarantee letter by the person inviting for a visit to Norway and a copy of his passport.

Visa Interview

You will personally take all the above mentioned papers to the embassy, where you will be interviewed on the spur of the moment. During the interview any document can be requested. In case of incomplete papers the Visa Officer will give you in writing the papers that you have to submit. You will have 2 weeks in which to submit the papers. Otherwise, your visa application and case will be judged and decided according to the incomplete papers. If the candidate cannot write or speak in English than he will be given an assistant by the Visa section.

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