Documents Required For General Visitor Visa

General Visitor

To apply for English Visa you will have to have the following documents required for general visitor visa.

  1. If you are employed, then you will need to submit an NOC, regarding the approved leave for the visit, along with the nature and duration of your occupation, by the organization in which you work.
  2. If you have a personal business, then documented proof of the business.
  3. If you are entitled to property in Pakistan, submit documentation.
  4. If you are a student, then you will have to submit information regarding the ongoing academic course, along with the certificate of approved leave.
  5. If you are married, submit marriage certificate and pictures. If you have children, submit their birth certificates.
  6. A travel plan from a travel company regarding the tour.
  7. The genuine bank statement, as it will be categorized verified.
  8. If you are visiting a relative, then submit the sponsorship letter by the relative along with a copy of his passport.


If you visit the UK often for business purposes, then you can also apply for multiple visa. The duration of multiple visa can be from 2 to 5 years or up to 10 years.


The eligibility criteria can only be satisfied by providing detailed documentation regarding the following issues.

  • You are visiting solely for recreational and tourism purposes, and under any circumstances, your visit will be less than 6 months.
  • You possess sufficient financial assets other than required for this tour.
  • During the visit you will not sell any product or personal services.
  • You will not take admission in any academic course.
  • You will not participate in either sports or performing arts.
  • You will not marry any British citizen, man or woman.
  • You will not attempt to be privately treated for any ailment.
  • You will definitely return before the expiration of your visa. In this regard, you will have to present proof of your undeniable and strong social and financial relationships within Pakistan. Like a profitable business, property, spouse, children, and other strong relations for which you will return to Pakistan.

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