Documents required for Australian Tourist Visa

Documents required for applying for a Visa

Following are the documents required for Australian tourist visa.

  1. Completely filled Visa form 48 (fill form Completely, no box should be left empty, if someone else fills forms for you then read it carefully because after signing you will be responsible for it.)
  2. Visa fees which will be submitted in FedEx.
  • Marriage certificate along with wedding photos if you are married.
  1. If any under 18 children is with you then provide proof of relation, Birth certificate and B form.
  2. Return Air Ticket
  3. Applicant’s passport
  • 3 passport size photographs with white background.
  • Character Certificate issued by police (Attested by foreign officer).
  1. Booking of Hotel where you will stay.
  2. For evidence of the presence of a substantial amount for expenses, provide bank statement and property documents, etc. if you have your own business, then provide information related to it; like the papers of registration, taxation and photocopies of credit cards.
  3. In case of Employment, provide a certificate issued by head of organization containing Position, period of service and salary etc.
  • If you are going to meet a relative or friend then provide a letter of invitation sent by them.

Note: In addition to the above documents, you can also attach written proof of your status and the socioeconomic relations in Pakistan, but remember that the unimportant and irrelevant documents may impact negatively on the case.

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  1. Dear sir..

    i have Treval Agance in Afghanistan. and i need make a link with u. for all Country Visa. i have a lot of client. they are want a go to foregon Specialiy Australia or canada,
    Please mail me information about that.

    thank you…!
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    Ahmad Nawaz Khan Durrani

  2. i already refuse for australia study visa and again apply
    i want to know about newzeland study visa r aus work visa
    help m plz

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