Denmark Family Reunification Visa

Denmark Family Reunification Visa:

If your spouse or parents are living in Denmark, then you can apply for a residence permit based on family reunification. For this you will have to qualify for the permit and will also be required to clear the immigration test.

Required Qualification

If you’re Husband and Wife then it is necessary that you should have been wed as per the Danish Law.

  1. The marriage should not be voluntary and solely for the purpose of attaining a permit.
  2. Both the husband and wife should be above the age of 24 years.
  3. At the time of receiving the residence permit, they should be living together.
  4. The permit should be three years old.
  5. Should have own residence where the partner can also live.
  6. Should be able to financially support the partner.
  7. Should be able to provide bank guarantee.

Immigration Test

The immigration test comprises of 40 questions to test your skill in the Danish language; while 30 questions test your general knowledge about Denmark. In the event of failing to clear the test, the applicant will have seven days to file an appeal the ‘ministry of integration’.

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