Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP)

Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)

This is the most widely adopted and known method of acquiring Canadian immigration. Through this program professionals associated with different professions can acquire the permanent resident status in Canada. Till January 2015, lists containing the names of 25,500 persons having professional skills in 50 distinct vocations will be accumulated. There will be a separate number of job offers for PHD qualified persons. The time required for processing the application has been reduced from 3 to 4 years to a minimum of 6 to 9 months. Yet still to take advantage of this time frame and get everything done in time; you will have to ensure the timely submission of a correctly filled form, along with provision of all the relevant documentation. Every profession has been assigned a different specific code. To find out more about the National Occupation Code (NOC), visit: The stated listings can be changed as per the order of the Canadian Minister for Immigration or according to the prevailing market situation.

If your profession is listed in the NOC, have at least one year worth of work experience and possess expertise in either English or French language as per your professional needs, then you are considered eligible to apply for immigration. Before you submit your application, it will be advisable to calculate your score at the Government of Canada website: The automatic calculator will calculate the score according to the information you provide. In order to qualify for immigration you will have to earn at least 67 points out of 100. Expertise in language will be established through ‘IELTS’.

Sr. No. Factor Maximum Points Your Score(Pretend Candidate)
1 Education 25 22
2 Language Ability 28 8
3 Work Experience (full marks for 4 years’ experience) 15 21
4 Age (full marks for ages 21 to 49) 12 10
5 Arranged Employment 10 0
6 Adaptability (Wife’s education, brother or sister in Canada) 10 4
Total 100 67

Work Experience Points

Work experience in years Points
1 Year 9 points
2 to 3 years 11 points
4 to 5 years 13 points
6 years or more 15 points

Age Points

Age Points
18 to 35 Years 12 points
36 years 11 points
37 years 10 points
38 years 9 points
39 years 8 points
40 years 7 points
41 years 6 points
42 years 5 points
43 years 4 points
44 years 3 points
45 years 2 points
46 years 1 point

Click Here To Know About Eligible Occupations Under the Federal Skilled Workers Program.

Eligible Occupations For Canada FSWP

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    1. i want to job in your country ,my qualificatoin is and two years diploma in sugical technition ,,and 1 year experience

  1. i am shahid abbasi i am pakistani i ned a candan cityzan shep so geving canaden immigatin parmmat rresidece visa in canada tkinks

  2. dear sir me and my wife want to apply for canada immigration visa.we had job offered from the marriot hotel qualification is diploma associate engineer and 3 years experience of site wife is post graduate and ielts clear.please give us information.

  3. Sir I m Automobile Mechanice I Want to Work Permunt Visa..My Qualification Matric Work Experince 20 Years..My Sister All Ready in Canada After 15 years…pls Send Me All Information..I m Elligbel Yes or Not ?

  4. Dear sir i,m electrical engineer having 12 years work experience in extra high voltage transmission lines 220 KV, 500 KV grid statin construction, process industrial experience, project management and project planning experience too i ,m 41 years old and from Pakistan am i egilible for Canadian work permit. regard and thanks

  5. Dear Concern !
    Iam Nabeel Ahmed having Masters in Information Technology (MSc IT) from Punjab University. and then 5 Years experience of Banking Industry so I want imigration to canada….plz guide

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