Canada Business Visa / Investors Immigration

Canada Business Visa (Investors) Immigration

Canada business visa for investors. The Canadian government launched this project in 1986 in order to bring successful businessmen into Canada. Since then, more than 18000 foreign investors have acquired Canadian immigration and a direct investment of 4 billion dollars has resulted in Canada. The program is still valid with all its appeal and benefits.

Eligibility for Canada Business Visa

  1. Businessmen having assets of at least 8 lack Canadian dollar can apply single or with family.
  2. At least a year’s worth of practical experience in running a business. No diploma or certification is required.
  3. Should be able to invest in the least 4 lack Canadian dollars in Canada after reaching an agreement with any government official, bank or trust. This capital should be invested at the provincial level in any small or medium business venture, so as to create jobs and employment opportunity along with contributing to economic development. There will be no need for any further investment. Rather, after five years the initial capital of 4 lack will also be reimbursed and this is guaranteed by the relevant provincial government.

Note: if you deposit 1 lack and 20,000 dollars in any Canadian bank, they will issue a loan worth 4 lack without any need to guarantee or assurance. About 95% of investors use this method to invest in Canada and use the rest of their capital to invest in a more profitable business like real estate.

  1. In case of complete documents, there is no need for an interview.
  2. You along with your family will need to clear the medical tests and submit police reports for character verification.

Time Frame required for Immigration

If an interview is required you will be called to appear within 6 to 9 months. After completing the entire process from within 12 to 15 months you will be issued a permanent residence visa. You will have no restrictions regarding immigration on this visa and you will be at liberty to come and leave as you please and even start and establish a business in Canada.

Stay Duration

After you have acquired the permanent residence permit, you can spend up to 3 years out of every 5, abroad Canada. If the time spent outside of Canada exceeds this time period, it will impact your permanent residence status negatively. In other words you will by necessity have to stay at least 2 out of every five years in Canada; you can look after your business and other affairs in Pakistan during the other three years.


After three years of stay in Canada you along with your family will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship / Canadian passport. Once you have acquired the status of being a Canadian citizen, your future generations here will be Canadian citizens by birth.

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  1. I want to start my own small bissness in canada. So Please can someone till me exicty that how much should have money to start my bissness there. Let me till you that I have been working in Consetraction department since 35 years. I bulit the houmen dreams.

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