Australia Tourist Visa And Requirements

Below we explain in detail all the information regarding Australia tourist visa and requirements. I hope so, it will be great helpful for all of you.

Tourist Visa (Sub Class 676)

For your leisure trips, meeting a relative, Business Trip, treatment or for any other purpose if you want to go to Australia then tourist visa will be issued according to your needs for 3-6 months up to 12 months. During this period you will not be allowed to attend academic courses or work for more than 3 months. Before the expiry of Visa it is important to be departed back for Pakistan, for this they can apply 2 weeks before the visa expires. During the application process even if the visa expires, your stay there will be legal. During Tourist Visa if you want to apply for more than 3 months of the study course, then application for study visa can also be submitted there but visa fees will be submitted separately. Furthermore, you do not need to submit separate visa application for your under 18 children who are registered on your passport, if you want them to go to Australia with you too.


Visa fees

For the first time, fees and service charges are 11700Rs.

Requirements for Tourist Visa

  • You must have a reason to visit Australia, which you will also have to prove through documentation.
  • If it is for meeting someone, then that person should send invitation letter or sponsor you.
  • Sufficient funds for travel and lodging should be available.
  • Should have a strong relationship with Pakistan that can prove that you will definitely return.
  • Possess good character.
  • Be in good health (along with an X-ray, Visa officer can ask for any test)
  • In Australia, you should not be defaulter of any company.

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  1. Australia is not only famous for cricket and hockey only. Famous for its hospitality and sight seeing as well. I have visited twice and liked it

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